The foundation is in place and we are ready to execute the plan with a few basic and simple free gold bearing properties in Congo,Tanazania and Migori kenya and very close to the centralized processing facility.

We can be creating revenue within three months due to the relations with the local consultants, counties, state regulators and having a waterless and chemical free process as well as having a foundation and people already working. In short, we are able to

• Identify mines

• Conclude detailed exploration

• Sign lease agreements

• File applications for exploration and mining operations

• Order the needed processing line and mobile line equipment

• Start processing on site via the 4 stage separation and/or the mobile platform

• Fines and tailing transported to mill site

• Refine and deliver gold

The ore processing, is flexible and can take multiple types of ores and ore conditions and most waste is separated on site and left while the precious metals and the fines are transported to the mill site. Each building will house 3 flexible processing lines and one refining line and it will be 90% automated.

We will be able to do any one step as needed as per the type of the status from

• Primary crushing

• Secondary crushing

• 4 stage ore dry separation

• Ore grinding between 200 to 400 mesh as needed per ore type

• Dry air separation capturing 95% of the precious metals

• Refining of the recovered metals and testing

• Creation of finished products at high purity levels

All the components are sourced, tests have been done and a combination of our own laboratory, suppliers testing, independent assay lab and our local engineering consultants have verified and confirmed the process in stages.

The plan from start to finish is based on some very simple and basic foundations but very important to the success of the company.

One of the “keys” is the local component of being connected and understanding the

• Local geology

• Local geologists’

• Local regulatory conditions, contacts & consultants

With an environmentally correct ore processing system in static and mobile form, modular and scalable. This is the base that allows us to get from zero to processing within 3 months in each new property that we sign on for processing. The process is simple and able to create byproducts such as aggregate and blocks and bricks, thus, no tailings and clean ups.

It is proven that a rock or ore body can be crushed to the point that its original and separate ingredients which were fused together via the geological events, can be separated via a mechanical process.

Once separated, using their own unique natural characteristics such as;

• Specific gravity

• Specific density

• Specific hardness

• Specific electromagnetic signature

We can separate the different ores via a dry air separation system which using the above signatures, we remove unwanted material from the one that we seek.

Each building will be 100ft by 300ft long and 15ft high and it will house three complete lines from crushing to refining. • Primary crushing

• Secondary crushing

• Four stage ore gross dry separation

• Ore grinding to fine mesh

• Specific target dry air separation

• Final refining from 60% gold purity to a final product of 99.99% pure gold

• Gold end products of high purity ready for certification and sale.

The above set up with the pre separation on each site, we can get very high grades of ore to be processed on the static plant so above 50% waste is on each property thus each stage of processing in the mill is far more efficient thus the end result.

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