Today nobody has a business plan based recovering and processing small type mines, tailings and historical mines based on a static or mobile complete stage processing platform that is versatile, mobile, flexible, and transferable which one can add to it modules and inclusive of a way to reclaim the mess from the process in the reclamation process.

Without such a system in place there is no other way for a junior company to compete and to get recognized as the alternatives are what everybody else is doing and either failing, breaking even or struggling along. There is no other “safe” method to process a location and to reclaim it outside of being able to go on location, mobile, do the job and pack everything and move out and clean up what is left over which is basically tailings of no more use where they become bricks and blocks. It is also the only way to reuse all the equipment as it has a 15 to 20 life span on multiple small life span projects of 1 to 5 years. It is the only way to reduce ongoing costs as we plan to manage each development stage as it is cheaper to buy the equipment needed and run it as a business rather than hiring a company to do it for us. Managing all the developmental mine stages from prospecting to mapping to refining doesn’t only save money but we are able to get to cash flow within a few months from the start of the process which also reduces the overall tasks, logistics, problems, delays and costs. We can go to any terrain and any country and either process from the start or just buy concentrates locally and refine them and move on.

As we now have all the stages from start to finish and all can work together as well as alone, or in any needed combination, there is simply no project that we can’t do as long as it is small to medium size and it is not oil, gas, iron ore, aluminum or coal. As the process is self-contained, closed looped system for fumes, chemicals and water usage, we don’t have any resistance and limitations from the cities, counties, states and federal regulators in regards to applications for permits and licenses.

The main “keys” that gives us the advantage are

• Flexibility

• Transferability

• Equipment depreciation

• Site reclamation ability

• Mobility

• Durability

• Equipment recoverability

• Total system cost vs others

In all key aspects we are ahead of the curve and alone in a system and a niche that doesn’t exist today and with a small capital costs compared to the current alternatives with their inherent design limitations.As an example, take the workshop foundation where the normal action is to dig a hole, build the box, dump cement and steel rods and then build the building.

When we are done we blast it and we remove it and dump it in the garbage. OR We dig a hole and we bring the pre designed and ready cement blocks, put them in place, do the building and when done.

We take the building and the cement foundation base and use it again. The direct, easy, versatile and recoverable way is:

• Precast ACC type cement floor

• Prefabricated steel & panels workshop housing:

• Crushing stage

• Separation stage

• Grinding stage

• Separation stage

Refining via electrolytic or electro-winning process to achieve finish product of high purity. The key to the whole system is the mesh size from the grinding to the concentration via the dry air separation where we can recover up to 10.000 mesh size material based on the specific gravity of the ore.

We then have a high concentration that can go directly to the final refining step. All is small, within the 25MT per hour of crushing range and all can fit in containers and on the trailers and the platform can work almost anywhere with the option of additional modules as needed. A complete closed loop system in the grinding and in the refining stages for water, solutions, dust and fumes makes safe and clean and via the block and brick making we can reclaim and clean any tailings on the site.

With a recoverable cement foundation and building along with containers of various sizes and designs for the specific needs, including collapsible ones, with an on-truck or truck trailer retractable arm, 360 degree ability and 25 tons max weight crane to load and off load equipment and supplies plus supplies and support we are self-sufficient on any site and with limited costs. With the system we can process a wide range of minerals based on the basic set up with the only major changes that need to be made are on the mixture of the solutions needed as per each metal characteristics in order to separate them further and to produce high purity products.

There is no other way forward which gives us all the above advantages and flexibility with a very overall project cost and having the room to mark-up for us and to be producing in a short time from the very start of anyone project and to be able to deliver refined products.

This is our current and future advantage and the means to high gross margins with low overall operational costs throughout all of the mines development stages to the delivery of a high purity product. The next step would be to go downstream on an OEM type production in a very narrow and focused product range derived from the metals that we are extracting.

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