Small Miners Development and funding

Access to funding and financial support of the small mining groups are essential to development and growth.These are individuals with a shovel and a pan remove 2-3kg alluvial per month from a river bed and sell it to local “businessmen” at a tenth of the value.There is no corporate governance or re-investment while it accounts for almost 30% of stock to come out of Africa.


Goldstone Eagle Group Limited is a company with limited liability incorporated in the Republic of kenya .Established in year 2016,GEA is a fully licensed trading company for diamonds ,gold and copper cathodes

Kenya has one of the better unemployment rates in africa,but is still at an alarming 25.5% out of a population of approximately 42 million people.Entrepreneurship is the answer for a more sustainable growth of the economy, but financial institutions are not geared for general investment.We are currently holding “breakfast seminars”for unemployed men featuring christian key note speakers to mobilise and inspire work seekers.Small industrial units are then identified and rented to facilitate the manufacturing of a variety goods and supply of services.All this   with skill from the gatherings, may it be the physical manufacturing ,purchasing ,marketing  bookkeeping or logistics of the products

The urbanisation  of the population has left vast areas  surrounding the cities and mining communities in hands of ground “smugglers”who ,unmanaged by municipalities or government rent out property for the erection of low cost (and in most cases dangerous0housing structures.The structures pose a danger to inhabitants not only in the event of fire extreme weather ,but also in a social economic sense.Not only extremely unaffordable but also distanced from medical services and educational institutions.More than 70% of children in these areas go to school just because it is their only access to a daily meal.


Its a well known fact that access to water and the consumption of safe  and clean water is one of Africas greatest challanges. The channeling ,purification and enrichment of water to communities, coupled with the development of community gardens for self sustainability is of the utmost importance.In Ethiopia for instance only 12% of households have access to drinkable water.

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