Our Mission Statement

What profit-making requires is honesty, integrity and unshaken values. The fundamental principle of business should always be the voluntary exchange of value for value for mutual advantage. To succeed business must ensure what they offer is consistently of high quality. A company whose products are defective, or which seeks to cheat its customers, loses its value. The value by subscribing to honesty and creating quality products and services and maintaining the company’s reputation with investors and communities over a long period of time. The antics of the executive whose corporate integrity is being challenged damage the reputation of all executives who obey laws, care for the their employees community and the environment.

Having a strong moral compass and Christian values are essential. When those are absent the foundation of the company is shaky. Let us learn to recognize and reward the face of real leadership. Lets continue our education in the art of leadership by reminding ourselves of the differences between being a celebrity or a hero. Celebrities are people who are famous for being famous. Heroes do the right thing – whether your name is mentioned or not.

We are therefore committed to perform for all stakeholder groups. To lead by our personal behavior. To have institutional integrity so that employees and communities feel free and obliged to ‘do the right thing’.

Goldstone Eagle Group is committed to involve itself with its greatest assets, the community and the people of Africa. Consistent growth and de-risking of the continent is important to our own development

Our Objectives

Our objective is to normalise the gold industry in the countries that we operate in and thereby enrich the lives of our business partners, our suppliers and the host countries as a whole through job creation, increased mining efficiency and the eradication of the uses of hazardous chemicals in the final mining processes thereby fulfilling the commitment that we all have to a better future for our children.


Like in life, the purpose of business is to serve people (customers) with good governance and product, employees with fair wages, shareholders with profits and the community through taxes and philanthropy

Successful Economic solutions

“The essence to success is for your desire to be an all-obsessing one, your thoughts and aims to be co-ordinated,and your energy concentrated and applied without fail.”

Stephen m

Managing director

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