Goldstone Eagle Group was established in Nairobi ,Republic of Kenya in 2016 as a fully licensed precious metals trading company dealing in rough diamonds, gold and copper

cathodes.Procuring rough diamonds and raw gold from 37 African mines in Namibia,Angola,mozambique,democratic republic of congo,Ghana,liberia,burkina Faso,benin,mali,sierra Leone and Guinea Conakry and with activities in sales ,sorting,valuing and diamond benefaction,GEA IS FOCUSED ON ESTABLISHING ITSELF AS AFRICA’S MOST EFFECTIVE DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL FOR ROUGH DIAMOND GOLD AND COPPER CATHODES.GEA seeks to remap the world of African gold and the gold world in general through clean technology application,transparency and sustainability.GEA seeks to expand its activities in exploration, mining, processing and trading of precious metals in Africa,  GEA is one of the biggest companies that  deals with rough diamonds in  Africa marketing them in many countries in the world.

Rough Diamond is available for sale to you for every application. We stock the full range of shapes, sizes, and qualities of rough Diamond . You can buy both single stones and parcels. Whether you seek a single Rough cuttable gem, a beautiful Rough Specimen, or Industrial Diamonds for tool making (and other technical uses), we are here for you! We Supply all over the world ranging as from 1 to 100 carats


We Have rough diamonds with clarity as from:

*) CLARITY== : D-F

The Kimberley Process concerns rough diamonds origins: We strictly observe it. All diamonds (rough or polished) presented herein have been mined through our efforts or partnerships, or purchased from legal legitimate sources. All diamonds are in compliance with United Nations Resolutions and national laws. This is based on our personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by our associates.


Gold Bars, Nuggets & Dust for sale at great prices. Almost everything sold on this website is from our personal collection and is the highest quality available. You won’t find such a huge selection of different types of gold anywhere else. We have hand selected each of the Gold Bars, Nuggets & Dust and specimens that you see. Collectors, Investors and Jewelers love these high quality hand selected gold Bars, Nuggets & Dust and specimens.


All our Gold Bars, Nuggets & Dust are Hand Selected Jewelry and Investment Grade” and as such are the highest quality available anywhere. Unlike common grade gold bars, nuggets and dust which often sell near the spot price of gold, “Hand Selected Jewelry and Investment Grade” gold nuggets always command a significant premium over spot gold prices. Most of our buyers are investors, jewelers, and collectors .

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