ABOUT Goldstone Eagle Group

Goldstone Eagle Group sale high quality hand selected investment/jewelry grade natural rough Diamonds, gold bars nuggets and dust. We also supply copper cathodes at a considerable price below LME price. We have over a decade of experience in the rough Diamonds, gold bars/nuggets and copper cathodes trading and we have a stellar worldwide reputation for top quality products and service.

We are a leader in the dynamic field of buying and selling precious metals including gold, rough diamonds and copper cathodes. This owner-operated company guarantees that every business deal, service and product with their name on, has integrity and excellence at its core. Motivated by a newfound objective – to become the largest independent buyer and seller of precious metals in Africa. GEA  prides itself on efficient service, quick turnaround time and systems that ensure faultless and trustworthy measurements.

Our business practices are shaped by consistency, accuracy and trust, and it’s because of this that we have a stellar reputation within the market. The GEA team deals with large and medium sized, mining associations, refineries as well as smaller jewelers on a daily basis, constantly pushing their knowledge and work ethic towards bigger and better. GEA team welcomes any company ,individual trader that wants to invest in or buy gold or precious metals to come and experience a professional, reliable and competent service offering.

We only sell the highest quality top grade rough Diamonds, gold bars  and nuggets also you might find cheaper natural rough Diamonds, gold bars nuggets and dust elsewhere, but our quality will always outshine the competition. We do not compromise quality or service, so you will always have the most pleasant shopping experience with us. We guarantee it.

This assures you that when you buy your rough Diamonds, gold bars and nuggets  from us, that you are only buying the very best quality natural rough Diamonds, gold bars  and nuggets .

Customer Satisfaction: We are always committed to excellent customer satisfaction. We build on better ideas, and listen to what our customers say. We think outside of the box. Our valued customers always come first and we will often go out of our way to prove that to them. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We pay attention to detail and keep to our commitments. We deliver results.

Customer Service Ranking: At Goldstone Eagle Group LTD we have gone to great lengths to satisfy the needs of our customers. From the recent 2016 to 2019 survey, 99.4% of our customers rated our customer service as exceptional. As a result of the survey, we have an impeccable reputation all round the world as one of the best precious stones & metal dealers. We would have never achieved this rating without understanding the needs of our customers. From time to time we undertake extensive consultation with our customers and based on their feedback we add new products and enhance our existing systems.

Our success as one of  Africa’s best precious stones & metal dealer is deeply rooted in our superior ability to understand and satisfy the needs of our customers and also provide the best precious stones & metals that are available. We earn customers’ loyalty by focusing on one customer at a time. The customer’s needs become our own and we take personal ownership of the company’s long-term relationship with that individual in every single interaction, diligently following through as appropriate.

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